What is lime?

Lime or calcium oxide with the chemical formula CaO is a chemical compound with the index PubCam; Its molar mass is 56.077 g / mol. An odorless, white or grayish-white, solid substance that irritates the skin and eyes.
It is one of the materials whose efficiency has been known by humans since ancient times and it has been used in the construction of various buildings and for a stronger connection of pieces of stone or wood.

It has been a long time since Iranians have known about limestone shaft (lime and soil slurry mortar), mortar (lime and ash slurry mortar) and blue lime mortar and build buildings with them. After World War II, limestone shafts were used in industrialized countries to stabilize the land, especially to pave roads and prevent vegetation from growing and water from growing on the bed, combs and slopes of runways and runways and aircraft stations. They build and seal with lime shaft.

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