To buy a white talc

Talc is a metamorphic mineral of the silicate category, which consists of hydrated magnesium silicate and has a plate and sheet structure with the chemical formula Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. According to the mouse hardness table, this mineral is at the bottom of the table and is a softest mineral One of the distinctive features of this mineral is that talc has small sheets that are flexible .

it is not a good conductor of heat, and when we touch it, we feel that it is greasy which is related to MgO content of talc.

The Color of talc is from pure white to grayish white to green, yellow, cream, brown, green and blue colors.

It does not dissolve in water, but very little in acidic minerals.

Talc does not melt in a flame.

Small sheets of talc are flexible but inelastic, not a good conductor of heat, and feel greasy when touched. It is often grayish white to green, yellow, cream, brown, green and blue. This mineral does not dissolve in water but very rarely dissolves in acidic minerals and does not melt in a flame. talc is naturally oily and the reason is the presence of magnesium. Some talc mineral veins has traces of lime and carbonate in nature (between 0.5 to 5%) this kind of talc is drier and less flexible due to this option so they have less fat, so they have less value in terms of price in industry. When talc comes in contact with a small amount of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, if it contains lime, it will be boiled and can be seen to be impure, and the lower the boiling point, the higher the natural value and price of talc.

White talc is much more expensive to buy than dark talc, although the type of talc is important in industry due to its whiteness or opacity, as well as its purity and impurity.

In which industries talc powder is used:

Talc powder can be used :

– in construction paint and automotive and industrial coating

– in polymer and plastic industries as compound and electric cable production and its most consumption due to its resistance . It is equal to heat and electricity, it is used in the construction of laboratory table surfaces and electricity distribution boards.

– In the production of paper and cardboard coating.

-In rubber industries, ceramic industries, production of fatty and lubricating materials

-In cosmetics and hygiene industries, very pure white talc powder and its very pure grades can be used in the preparation of baby powder, shampoo  flower, which has a high percentage of talc and its color is greenish gray, in the preparation of soap,

-electrical distribution board, pencils Wax (like eyebrow pencil), sink, stove (oven) are used.
As a lubricant and plaster for welding and metalworking industries

-In ceramic and glazing industries, talc is used to control the melting temperature.