White barite crystal

Crystal white barite has high weight and first class whiteness and does not react with acid. This product is used in various industries, from oil industry to paper making. Other characteristics of barite include the following.

Among its other practical properties, it includes fillers, in pharmaceuticals, in chemicals, in glass production, as insulation, in the production of barium carbonate, in the production of ceramics and electro-ceramics, in other chemical compounds containing barium, in medical photography, in the separation of aluminum. Oil pipes are a weighting material in copper casting, oil and gas drilling and other cases.

Characteristics of barite crystals

It is good that you are fully familiar with the specifications of this product before buying it, so that you can be sure of its quality when using it. We introduce some of these specifications here.

The chemical formula of barite crystal is BaSo4.
This product has a completely white color.
Its production is in 2500 mesh
Its production includes the American Petroleum Institute (API) standard.
The relative density is 4.2 grams per cubic centimeter.